Christian Counseling in North Dallas

Are you looking for professional Christian counseling in North Dallas? My name is Dr. Luigi Leos and I offer personalized, professional counseling sessions at Spirit Christian Counseling Centers in McKinney, TX. 

"We can be bound and held back in our lives, sometimes by things we recognize, and sometimes by things we do not. My commitment is to use Scripture and science to help you name those 'things,' and break free from them to (as closely as possible) grow into and become what you were made to be."

- Dr. Luigi Leos with Spirit Christian Counseling Centers


I strongly believe it is my job to help the hurting find healing, freedom, and fulfillment that they were designed to have through proven therapeutic practices that begin with true listening. My training has included a combination of faith, clinical experience, and research. 

For business professionals, individuals, couples, and families, I can offer specialized counseling in the following areas: 

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Stress management
    • Communication
    • Anger
    • Trauma
    • Sex/pornography addiction
    • Marriage and relationship challenges of communication
    • Conflict
    • Impact of infidelity
    • And more

My focus is to bring faith and science into the healing process, gaining access to hope and a path to job in your relationships with self, God, and others. 

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Office Hours


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8:00 am-6:30 pm (Online only)


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