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Our Confidentiality & Privacy Policy Agreement

Texas law protects the relationship between a client and psychotherapist, and information cannot be disclosed without written permission. 

Exceptions include: 

  • Suspected abuse of a child, dependent, or elder adult
  • If you are at imminent risk of inflicting serious harm to yourself or another person(s)
  • If you disclose sexual misconduct of a physician or therapist
  • If you file a complaint with a licensing board or in cases of a malpractice suit; records will be released to the Board and/or legal counsel
  • If you disclose involvement in, or associations with, terrorist activities
  • If information is requested by a judge via court order 

For each of the above exceptions, your therapist is required by law, or by governing authorities, to contact the proper authorities immediately. Medical, law enforcement, and/or governmental agencies may be notified with or without your consent. 

If a client intends to harm himself or herself, your therapist will make every effort to enlist cooperation in ensuring client safety. If a client does not cooperate, your therapist will take further measures without client permission as provided by law in order to ensure client safety. 

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