THIS IS NOT OUR HOME: Series Introduction

THIS IS NOT OUR HOME: Series Introduction

I am a Christian Counselor. That means I believe God is a real being with a personality who loves you and me wherever we are and whatever we have done. I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who paid the penalty for the things that we have done, and bore the shame for the things that have happened to us. I believe He did these things through the power of His Holy Spirit so that we can be free from them to live the life we were designed to live.

I believe that humans live in a world that has been corrupted from the one we were designed to live in; and as a result, for the Christian, this world is not our home. Rather it is an alien and violent place where humans are hurt, and hurt others, in their efforts to survive.

I also believe that God is an important and active participant in counseling and in the healing of the wounds that people experience, and that those who come to my office desire healing and guidance in navigating this alien world (this thing we call life).

I also believe science has an important place in our lives as humans. I know that many people believe that science and theology (the study of God) are at odds with each other.  My training and experience have shown this dichotomy to be a fabrication. Especially when “science” is defined as the study of nature as the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained.  My premise is that if God actually designed creation, then science will point toward the created design, and to the Creator Himself.  So, from this perspective, I want to know how we operate in this world we were not designed for (science), and I want to know what the designer says about His creation (Scripture). My belief is that if I approach wounds informed by both sources, that healing is most likely.

In this blog I intend to discuss the implications of the idea that “This world is not our home: Our job is not to achieve perfection in this fallen world, but instead, learn how to navigate it with a healthy and intact spirit.” My intention is to discuss this topic within the framework of Mental Health and Christian Counseling that addresses the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual realms humans cross as they live life.

I hope this will be an encouragement to your life, and if you are interested in coming in to our clinic to learn more, please see our website at  

I also hope you will contribute your own thoughts and questions to the content in this blog. Please respond, interact. My prayer is that we help each other navigate this place that is not our home.

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