• Power versus Control. There is a difference?
    Power-Control These terms can be used interchangeably and yet mean very different things. But what if terms were simple? What if control was simply the ability to directly manipulate an object, Read more
  • What Makes a Good Man? – Responsibility
    What if the definition for a value-word like Responsibility was simple? What if Responsibility generally meant “One with the ability to respond” or “the one with the ability to provide a Read more
  • What Makes a Good Man? - Return to Integrity
    What if definitions for value-words, like Integrity, were simple? Not easy, just easy to understand. What if Integrity generally meant “an alignment of word and action?”  However, while many of Read more
  • What Makes a Good Man?
    I recently watched a movie with Robert De Niro and about a 70 year old man who accepts an intern job at an e-commerce company start up. At one point Read more
  • Which is more important - What I do? or Who I am?
    In an election year there are often debates on which is more important: character or ability. In other words do the ends justify the means; is it more important for Read more
  • Where are you? and Why should I tell you?
    In past posts I have talked about the research regarding differences in the way men and women use, and understand, language. The most frequent example of this difference I see Read more
  • Where have all the "Men" gone?
    I recently watched a movie with Robert D'Niro and about a 70 year old man who accepts an intern job at an e-commerce company start up. At one point in Read more
  • Genesis basis for Sexual Communication Differences
    From a Biblical perspective sexuality is part of the basic human “fabric,” not only impacting humans physiologically as described in last month’s post, but also powerfully influencing the way men Read more
  • Biological (Brain) Basis for Sexual Communication Differences
    When I tell clients that men and women communicate differently, they invariably nod their heads in agreement. Where I start to get surprised reactions from them is when I begin Read more
  • The Christian Three-Spouse-Marriage
    This set of posts explores the history, biology, psychology, and theology of human relatedness that identifies male and female differences in search of the scriptural balance that honors the man, Read more
  • The Human Machine's "Anger Light" - How Trending Topics become Treatment Topics
    The recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage has initiated a great deal of talk on the topic, especially in social media. A great deal of anger has been expressed Read more
  • What does the Bible have to do with mental health?
    The Bible is not a psychology textbook, nor is it a book on psychology. The text inside does suggest it is the Word of God (as the designer of the Read more
  • The Human Machine
    Before considering what happens when emotions “break,” a “bigger picture” perspective may be important.  Many people can relate to human existence as similar to a spiritual being traveling in a Read more
  • Why Do Emotions Matter?
    Emotions are powerful forces in the human experience, and recently a lot of research attention has been turned toward examining them. Some may ask “Why bother studying something as common Read more
  • Can Emotions be Trusted?
    Advice is often given to not trust one’s emotions. Can emotions be trusted when they change so often, when so many people use them to justify selfish and hurtful acts, Read more

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